Wednesday 22 May 2013


Hi I'm Matthew Crehan; I'm a national level distance runner and a huge comic book fan. So I thought what better way to bring the two things I enjoy the most together, than by writing a semi biographical graphic novel of my running hero, Legendary Oregon runner Steve Prefontaine.

The story of Steve Prefontaine’s life is perfect for a graphic novel, having the human value of the relationships Prefontaine had, with his coach the Legendary Bill Bowerman who co-founded Nike, his friends and his fans known as ‘Pre’s People’, as well as the action brought through the dynamics of the impressive running he did to become one of the best runners in the world and to become a cult figure within the athletics world.
Sport has huge successes as a film genre, such as Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock, Any Given Sunday starring Al Pacino, Jamie Fox and Cameron Diaz, as well as many other great films including the two films about Steve Prefontaine.  Prefontaine (1997) starring Jared Leto as Steve Prefontaine and R. Lee Ermey as Bill Bowerman, and Without Limits (1998) starring Billy Crudup as Steve Prefontaine and Donald Sutherland as Bill Bowerman.

As well as film sport is major part of our society with millions of people all over the world, tuning in to watch the 2012 London Olympics last summer as well as to weekly sports fixtures across the world each week.

So why can’t sport be a successful genre in comics as well as film and society?

Over the next several months I aim to keep this blog up to date with all the information about the graphic novel, The Art of Running: The Steve Prefontaine Story, through previews of the art work and script as well as updates on its status, which shortly should be that the Kickstarter campaign to fund the project is underway, so keep your eyes peeled.

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